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Jeff Valliere:
It seems like in years past, confirmation lists were up by now, but this year I do not yet see them posted.  Just wondering when they will be posted?  Thanks, Jeff.

John Garner:
I'm working on them, but that pesky day job keeps getting in my way. :-)

The big issue is that the system I used to generate the lists and run the confirmations was built around the old system (a registration platform so old that even shut it down last September, so I was in for a good bit of work one way or the other.). With the new one I need to rework the script that took the old tab delimited file with fields in a very specific order and tweak it so that it accepts an excel file with fields in a different order, doing a few dozen data transformations along the way.

I hope to have it up in the next day or two. I hope to have the confirmation list page saying this updated tonight. 

John Garner:
The initial 2016 confirmation lists have been posted. Go to to see them.

I had a question regarding the Predictions links.  Did this year's application ask you about your predicted finishing time?  I don't recall seeing that, but may have just forgotten.  If it didn't, is this link relevant since it mixes times based on flatter races with times on the PPA/PPM? 

It would be fun to have a list that is sorted by entries per state for runners to easily see who is coming from their state...not that you have a lot of free time on your hands.  It might not have a  lot of value for race analysis other than seeing how flatlanders fare vs those with mountain access.

John Garner:
We didn't ask folks for their predicted times because, well.... In the move to the new registration system, I forgot to include it. DOH!

As for sorting by state, it is a mixed bag. Somebody in Colorado can go to run their qualifier in Texas for an instant speed boost. Even within a state, some routes are dowhill, some are flat, some are mixed. Then you have the entire trail vs road issue since a "trail" in some parts of the country are just 12' wide roads (and each year we have folks who look at Barr Trail and wonder what they signed up for since they are used to running on wide, groomed gravel "trails" and not a rocky singletrack.)

Ultimately, the prediction system was mostly for giggles. What what really helps is looking at the 2015 stats by qualifying time which has the final results posted and going from there.


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