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Jeff Valliere:
When I click on the PPA/PPM Award/Competitive Registration page, I have noticed that last years information is being displayed.  I am assuming that we will be able to once again register on March 1st?


John Garner:
I've updated the award page with the 2016 information.

I hope to have registration open on March 1st again. We migrated to a new registration platform. In the process of doing so we merged the dozen entry forms into one, so the March 1st date may slip a bit if we find something wrong when doing the final testing this weekend.

The award winners are guaranteed an entry no matter what the opening date is, thus we won't hesitate to postpone the March 1st date if something is off.

For those award winners who are not watching the website every day, we will send an email out with details on how to claim their entry once registration opens.



Based on you comment regarding a new registration platform, will this mean that the registration process will change?  I am asking as I am registering myself and three others and want to have all the necessary information I need on hand from the other individuals. Any chance of getting a screenshot?

Thank You

John Garner:
The process is more or less the same as the past few years: You go to the website linked to from the registration page and enter in the information requested.

There is the usual basic contact info and the usual questions about the qualification: time, name of the event, year, link to the results, and a drop down where you tell us what type of event it is (half, full, ppa, ppm, btmr).

The major change will be that instead of one huge long form, it is broken into several pages. During registration, you are allowed to go back if you want to change something. You can even log back in a few days/weeks/months after you register to update things like your address, phone number, or emergency contact information.

I doubt that the race will fill in a few minutes. Thus there is no need to panic if you don't know exactly the order that the questions will show up ahead of time. 

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