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Snow on top!

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As of May 29th the Gazette is reporting 15 foot drifts at the top of the mountain...
Looking up from town I can't imagine what we have on Barr trail near the top.
Any Everest climbers out there that would like to climb up there keep us updated on the melt?
Parkas, ice picks and crampons until mid July?
Training time is getting short. Damn...

John Vomastic:
Here is a picture of the summit house on top of Pikes Peak (May 29, 2105).  That is the summit house on the upper left of the picture.  It has a flat roof and the snow reaches to the roof.

Yep, it is what is...

America's Ultimate Challenge!

Bring it on.
See everyone in August.

Good luck,

John Vomastic:
See Katie Katalin Posts and Photos on the Barr Camp Facebook Group Page.  She made it to the top (5-29-2015).

Went to the Bottomless Pit Sign, Sunday, June 7th. Only 16 Steps in Snow/Ice on the Trail.
Anyone who's been higher please report where Snow begins to be continuous.
Where Hiking becomes "Mountaineering" I get off the Bus!


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