Author Topic: Running the PPA on a NordicTrack Treadmill with Google Maps and Video  (Read 1741 times)


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I have a Nordic Track Incline Trainer.  I have an ifit subscription and along with Google Maps that lets me run routes on the treadmill that follow a preplanned route with map or satellite views on the touchscreen display.  If the Google car has been along the route, I can also get the street views.

A summer or two ago hikers carried the Google cameras and recording equipment up the Barr Trail and the Incline and even the PPA segment through the first aide station until in joins the Barr Trail.  I can now run the PPA on my Incline Trainer from the start line to the finish line.  The incline adjusts automatically as the elevation changes.  The limits are -6% decline to 40% incline.  All I have to do is adjust the speed as the incline increases or decreases.  The display looks exactly like you are running on the course.  It is not a full video but sequential photos looking forward as you run.