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2017 Bib Assigments
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:41:06 PM »
Just as an FYI, Bib Assignments have been adjusted after I caught an error with the equations used. For most folks, they are generally in the same ballpark as before unless one of the following conditions applied to you:

1) You used a marathon as a qualifier. The original equation had an oddball parabola that started to turn down after 5:30. Not an issue for the days when a 5:30 was the maximum we allowed, but a big issue with folks running 5:45 getting placed higher than a 5:15.  I took last year's data and refit it to a new curve that does not have the same issue. The entire curve was shifted so you may be in an earlier or a later wave based on how things fell out.

2) You also ran the 2017 BTMR.  2017 BTMR Results are factored into the placement (Similar to how the 2017 Garden 10 Mile results are factored in). So runners have 3 possible sources of a time: Qualifier, 2017 Garden result, or 2017 BTMR result. The best time was used.  If you see somebody with a slower qualifier than you but they are placed in an earlier wave, odds are it is because they ran either the Garden or the BTMR and did really well in that race.
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