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Flatlander Training Check
« on: July 25, 2016, 02:11:04 PM »
Hi everyone.  This will be my first PPA and race day will be my first time on the mountain or trail.  I am a flatlander living in the eastern US at about 1000' elevation and while we have a lot of hills, we don't have any long sustained climbing.

I was wondering what you PP veterans, especially those who may be flatlanders as well, think about my current training up to this point and if you have any advice on what I should do in the final 3-4 weeks.

Brief background:
- 3:01 road marathoner, 1:25 road half marathoner
- PPA Goal: 3:30-4 hours
- I just did the Boston Marathon at the end of April, took it easy in May, and started my PPA training in June.
- Currently running 45-55 miles per week as I am also training for the Chicago Marathon in October

Here is what my general training schedule looks like:
Sunday - Long run, 10-15 miles, usually done on extremely rugged trails with dramatic elevation changes (~20-30% grade, about 3500-4000' elevation gain)
Monday - Easy run, 6 miles
Tuesday - Tempo run, 10 miles (7 @ 6:45 pace)
Wednesday - Off running, usually do HIIT training w/ weighted lunges, box jumps, etc
Thursday - Track day, various fast interval runs, usually 8-10 miles total.  At the end I do stadium stairs.
Friday - Treadmill doing the half of PPA simulation I found on here.  Generally keeping it at 13-15% incline.  I normally do either start to 1/2 Mile to Barr Camp sign or 1/2 Mile to Barr Camp to Finish.
Saturday - Trail run, 8-10 miles, moderate elevation changes (~1000 ft elevation gain)

As you can see, I'm really trying to mix in speed work with hill and trail work.  I feel somewhat under prepared because I know that I should be completing a full marathon training cycle before doing the PPA but I'm only doing about half.  I am hoping that my base is strong enough to carry me through.  I also hope the speed work has increased my lactate threshold and will help since I can't run at any real elevation.

Any advice is appreciated!


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Re: Flatlander Training Check
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 03:00:59 PM »
I am not in your class, but I would recommend that you do the treadmill simulation from the start line to the top, perhaps instead of your long runs.  It will give you feedback on your expected finish time, generally 30 minutes longer than your treadmill time.  It will also give you feedback regarding your pace.  If your pace is slowing during the last 3 miles at same relative slope/incline (eg 15 deg),  you may be starting to fast.  Treadmill work is extremely boring if you are facing a blank wall.  Get a TV, DVD movies, anything that helps pass the time.