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Training / Re: Flatlander Training Through COVID
« Last post by epictetus on March 30, 2020, 08:07:08 AM »
I'm in that boat, upper midwest, one day in 50s, next day snowing in 30s.  Having done PPA last year, I know the majority of the time during the event is a long fast hike, not running (something only the elite runners with access to mountains do).  So get out there and do long slow runs and long fast hikes.  Consider hiking with a weighted vest or backpack to simulate fatigue better.  Keep your aerobic threshold high, and just do the best you can!
Training / Flatlander Training Through COVID
« Last post by dnavarro927 on March 24, 2020, 09:48:50 PM »
Well...This definitely puts a big hurdle for us flatlanders, especially the ones that don't have access to a treadmill for "hills".

Any ideas?  Here in the midwest the weather is all over the place.  Some days you can train outside, others, you can't.
General Discussion / Garden to Peak Challenge
« Last post by Gary on March 04, 2020, 02:14:35 PM »
With the TCR becoming the Garden to Peak Challenge this year, other than using the BTMR ascent as the 2nd of 3 races, will there still be age group categories and "prizes"/awards and a ceremony in late Sept or October like the TCR had?  Thank you for keeping a challenge going and for your help with information.
Race Info / 2020 Wave Assignments and Estimated Ascent Times...
« Last post by John Garner on March 02, 2020, 05:31:53 PM »
I will be rolling out the 2020 Qualification Checklist in the next few days, but before I do, I wanted to update folks on the tweaks we will be making to the wave assignment process this year.

Like last year, we will be basing runner's wave assignments based on their "Estimated Ascent Time" (or just "EST" to save some typing below).

There are up to four EST's per runner, as follows:
  • Their fastest Ascent (or ascent portion of the PPM) from the past 3 years
  • Their Qualifier (if different from their recent Ascents)
  • The 2020 Garden 10 Mile Run [1]
  • The 2020 Barr Trail Mountain Race [1]
The race result that produces the Fastest EST will be used. For every runner who has had their qualification checked, you will be able to see all of their EST's and sort the list by EST. 

Calculating EST's:
For determining the EST based on a given result, see the handy chart below:
  • Award and Competitive Entries:  These runners will have "00:00:00" listed for their Qualifier EST and will have a qualification type of either "Award" or "Competitive". They are automatically placed in the first wave.
  • Recent Ascents (or Ascent portions of the PPM): The Ascent time is the EST. The only exception is the 2018 Ascent, in which case we just double the time to Barr Camp and that becomes the EST.
  • Barr Trail Mountain Race:  Multiply by 1.605
  • Full Marathon: Multiply by 1.168
  • Half Marathon: Multiply by 2.546
  • Ultras/Trail/Other: Take the result, divide it by the overall winner's time, and multiply that by 2:50:00
  • Garden of the Gods 10 Mile: Multiply the result by 3.042
Note that these factors are new for 2020. We looked at last year's results to come up with the average time factor for each type of qualifier. It greatly simplifies the equations previously used.

Wave Assignments:
Wave 1 consists of the Award / Competitive folks with bib # 1 -> 99. Then the top 50 women by EST with bib #100 -> 149, and finally the top 50 men by EST with bib #150 -> 199.
Wave 2+ each consist of the next 98 runners based on their EST without regard for sex. (We leave two bibs in each wave for oopses, lost bibs, etc).

Note that if there are more than 100 competitive runners (like last year in the PPM due to the Golden Trail Series), then we will dip into the 100 -> 199 range to cover them in a way that keeps the number of men and women in the 1st wave about equal.

As with any system, if you feel you should be in Wave 1 despite the above, email me at [email protected] to plead your case. I save bib #95 -> 99 just for this case. I will warn you that this is not for the faint of heart. You need to have some good examples of how you can place in the top 20 overall (not masters or age group). Examples of folks I've bumped up in the past include a former national class cyclist, anybody with an ITRA ranking of 'A' or better, and recently retired pro triathletes.

I'm sure there will be questions. Feel free to post below and I'll try and answer them. 


[1] Note that if you want your Garden 10 Mile or BTMR time to be factored in, you _MUST_ register online. Folks who use pen and paper to register won't be factored in because I have no automated way of matching folks up. The Matt vs Mathew and name collisions (We had three runners named "Ashley White"  one year) make automated matching a nightmare.  Besides, online is cheaper.

Training / Hypoxico home altitude system for training
« Last post by Flatugasm on January 29, 2020, 08:50:12 AM »
Hey, has anyone here ever used an Hypoxico home altitude system for training for the PPM/PPA event?
If so, did you find it effective?
Thank you for any information you may provide.
General Discussion / Re: Registration
« Last post by John Garner on January 28, 2020, 12:48:08 PM »
As you noted, it depends.

The Ascent is currently 65% full. So at the current rate it will be another month or two. The bigger issue is that the price goes up on Feb 1st. So if you want to save $20, register sooner rather than later. :-)

For the PPM, there are only 88 slots left and that race is at 90% or so. Odds are it will fill in the next week or two.

For both races, once the number of slots drops below 200, the # remaining will appear on the RunSignUp registration site above the "Sign Up" button.

General Discussion / Registration
« Last post by dnavarro927 on January 27, 2020, 11:55:31 AM »
I know there are no gaurantees or no two years are the same, but can anybody give an idea on how long the PPA takes to fill up?

Just trying to see how long I have before pulling the trigger.
Training / Re: FFF Flatlander, First timer, Finisher of PPA, thoughts
« Last post by dnavarro927 on January 10, 2020, 08:28:46 AM »
So as I start training for PPA, a few quick things I am noticing.
- Calves, achilles and hip flexors get super tight
- One thing I wasn't even thinking of was how my lower back got sore as time went on.  Will definitely have to incorporate core and back exercises
General Discussion / Re: 2020 Confirmation Lists
« Last post by John Garner on January 07, 2020, 08:19:39 AM »
Preliminary registration lists will be posted to the site soon now that I've caught up with the initial flood of emails.

Actual confirmation lists and validations will take a bit longer this year. Part of it is that folks can update their information, the other part is that I'm reworking the entire qualification check system from previous years since it started to fall apart once we offered things other than just the old half and full marathon entry.

In general, if you didn't lie about your qualifier (I've had a few) and it meets the requirements on the website, then you are in and should book your flights and hotels.

Wave assignments don't happen until a week or so after the Barr Trail Mountain Race. We take that race result into account for the everybody so I need those results before I can publish the assignments.

General Discussion / 2020 Confirmation Lists
« Last post by ECraig on January 06, 2020, 06:09:32 PM »
I have registered for my first PPA and very excited for this extreme challenge! I am just curious from previous years when to expect to begin to see confirmation lists, as well as wave populations. I race many, many races every year so I realize this is very time consuming and many times the entire process can run almost until the week of the event. I assume at least confirmations start earlier since air and hotel accommodations are needed for many participants. Thanks for your help and I look forward to building a new network of running and power hiking enthusiasts!
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